Postcards for Public Schools

Protesting Secretary of Education Nominee, Betsy DeVos's voucher plan

I designed the postcard below, and brought copies to a local postcard-writing-to-politicians-party. They were a hit! Feel free to print one out and write a letter to your local politician! Click here for more information on vouchers, and here for more on DeVos's views.



A motion piece about the local Barcelona book shop (English subtitles coming soon)


Happy Hanukkah!


Gilbert & George Exhibit Branding

Branding materials for an exhibit in Barcelona

Exhibit Brochure

Exhibit Brochure back

Street banner


Printmade Ladies

My first experience with rubber block carving and printing


Capturing a song through motion


Type v. Scanner


Frutiger Type Study

The Story of a typeface


Grocery Tote Bag

An experiment in color, illustration, pattern-making, and sewing


Tapa BCN

A branding and package design challenge for a local Barcelona restaurant


Cat Goes to School

An illustrated story of a cat who just wants to learn


Particulate Matter Explained

Visualizing the invisible