Gain is a board game and app designed to empower players to invest their money wisely.

This client project was done for a major bank, with my teammates, Alisa Le and Sharon Yu. I played a large role in research, concept development, and visual design.


Problem: Many mass affluent customers don't realize that investing could be a viable and beneficial option

Many see it as for very wealthy people, and find it confusing and intimidating. How might we lower the barrier of entry and make people more comfortable with investing?


Goal & Considerations

Goal: Empower customers to confidently invest their money according to their needs.

Design for customers with varying levels of understanding.
Since mass affluent customers can range from little financial literacy to very experienced, it's important that we target a wide range of knowledge. The three personas you see to the right are examples that the client provided after doing their own research.

Immerse customers in a deeply engaging experience.
This will provide the most successful learning environment.


Gain is a board game designed to teach customers how to invest their money wisely. Just like in real life, players have to balance spending money on their dreams with paying for the necessities of everyday life. In Gain, investing is the only way to pay for it all.


Voice & Visual Design

Because of the (let's face it) dry subject matter, we decided on a somewhat playful tone for Gain's language and visual design. While we needed to clearly teach players about investing, we wanted captivate them and keep them engaged. We chose the typefaces Din and Apercu, which are similar to the fonts that the client already uses. We chose a fun color pallet and silly illustration style to keep players excited and entertained. 


Getting started

Players use their phones to connect to the game board. The app introduces players to the game, giving them a simple and comprehensive visualization of the rules. Sensors on the board and pieces connect to the app allow players to seamlessly transition from the physical game to the digital app.



Learning by doing

Players' only chance at achieving their dreams is investing in stocks, mutual funds, bonds, IRA, or a 529 plan. Through experiencing the consequences of their actions, players will learn and understand the benefits of different investment options.

Aim of the Game

One of the main objectives of the game is to achieve goals that each player sets for themselves. The game asks that you pick four dreams with varying prices, and place them on a physical dashboard as a constant reminder to complete them.


Game Play

Gain mimics the unpredictable expenses that come with everyday life, like car repairs and trips to the dentist. There is also the occasional chance to earn money by finding buried treasure, or winning the Nobel Peace Prize, for example.


Guiding players through their finances

Players can refer to information about investment types any time. They can also check up on the market value of their investments so they can decide when to sell them or buy more.

The app sends struggling players pointers to keep them on track. It also prompts players to reflect on their game play. This makes gives players the opportunity to learn for their mistakes and successes.  Below are some examples of these pointers and prompts.



First time players can go through an onboarding experience in the app to learn how to play the game. They are then lead to set up their character profile before beginning the game.


Dream Cards


Chance & Needs Cards

Investment Tokens